It all started with a cool kick sound and a heavy bass riff. Distortion, a bit of whammy pedal and here I was on the hunt for my next song. 

For generating the lyrics I used my preferred songwriting trick to try and fish some ideas in the great inspiration cloud. I grabbed a guitar, kicked in the drum machine groove and released all focus. Being on autopilot like this is always so fulfilling, it feels so good afterwards, and if I’m in luck I will have managed to channel something decent. Anything goes at the beginning of this process, mostly words coming out of nowhere and then evolving and evolving, until it actually becomes something coherent, at least to myself and hopefully to others as well. 

So during this lyrics channeling session I came up with a text about being persecuted by inner voices, that I wish I could control and annihilate. A bit tortured as a subject, but I was just the instrument of my muse that day, and I actually could relate to the subject. 

Basically “Voices” is the story of an inner dialogue between our sometimes tyrannical mind and ourselves. I imagined it as the mind talking during the verses, and the self responding to that talk during the chorus of the song, wishing it would go away. All of you out there who have ever encountered mental anxiety problems might be able to relate as well.

My own inner voices have receded a lot since then, and reading Eckhart Tolle’s book “The Power of Now” was a strong contributing factor. It just worked for me, and even if one little step at a time, relatively fast. Saying to myself  “I am right here, right now” was especially efficient for some reason, and particularly when waking up from sleep, when anxiety used to start to creep in. It would center me in the present and calm me down instantly.

I hope you enjoy the song, and may you kill the voices in your head! 



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