Welcome to my blog,

Here I write about my music, my songs, my poetry. I share the history behind each of my works, what or whom inspired them and other facts that might be of interest or amusing.  

As a young songwriter I was not overly concerned with other people being able to understand the meaning of my songs. As a matter of fact, it didn’t occur to me that my lyrics might not make any sense at all for an outside ear. And believe me, sometimes they definitely didn’t. Maybe it was because I was a french speaking music lover who grew up listening to mostly songs in english. I didn’t understand it well enough yet, so I was just focusing on the music, the words being mostly an adornment, another instrument. I used to sing innocently at the top of my lungs the lyrics to Prince’s “Darling Nikki“, without a clue of what they really meant!  

Most of the time, writing a tune was  just a personal cathartic experience. It was not meant to be understood by the listener and I didn’t question that process for a long time. Further along, I noticed that some people really are into the lyrics and enjoy them tremendously. I started to feel that it might be indeed interesting, and hopefully fun, to share the creative journey that led to the final result. So here we go…  

If you already heard one of my songs or poems and have a specific image in mind about what it’s all about, you might not want it spoiled. So I suggest you stop reading and keep your fantasy intact, I wouldn’t want to ruin it with factual storytelling. If not, welcome to my creative world of words and music, I hope you’ll  be entertained.  

 Many thanks and love to all, Whiteval

"Love" live performance

Here I am performing one of my songs called, very simply, "Love".

Written about profound heartbreak, it is far away in spirit from my latest single She was an animal, a more upbeat rock song, but it is still…

Frieda's story

So this post is not my usual post about music. It's about the past, ancestors and healing.

(Vous pouvez lire ce post en français également plus bas)

The woman on the picture is my great-grandmother. Her name was Frieda Haudenschild…

She was an animal

The chorus of this song just came to me, music and lyrics fully formed. It had a light and upbeat feel, but at the beginning I had no idea what it was all about and had to figure out what…