"Love" live performance

Here I am performing one of my songs called, very simply, "Love".

Written about profound heartbreak, it is far away in spirit from my latest single She was an animal, a more upbeat rock song, but it is still a part of me. 

I should have called it “Self-love” really. The feeling that I tried to convey here is disillusion, after giving it your all to people who never deserved it. And that one’s precious love should be addressed to oneself first.  

Sometimes there are just misunderstandings. But I heard too many stories about some people using betrayal and manipulation to suck the life and light out of others, leaving you broken and in tears, unable to apprehend their cold tactics. Beware if you fall for one of those, the pain is unbelievable. 

 I wish you protection, healing, and of course…self-love. 




"Love, what I did for it 

My darkest hours, what I gave to it 

The true desire, the manic fever 

The purity of my faith 

Love, exquisite torture, I took it all 

Every phrase that hurt, every blow in the soul 

From reckless people, insignificant 

In the end, on the whole 

Love, love, love… 

Love, so blind I trusted a snake 

I stupefied my precious brain 

For a golden reflection of me 

An ectoplasm 

Love, misunderstandings 

Disappointing, bitter failure 

Inner trash of my nights, my pathetic fights 

My masterpieces of decline 

Love, love, love… 

Love, what a betrayal of the self 

Feeling guilty even when 

You’re the victim 

You’re the loser again 

R-e-s-p-e-c-t  is all you need to know 

No one’s beautiful enough to lose your deepest core 

Only you deserve the beauty of your love ,really

Only you deserve the beauty of your love 

Of your love, love, love…"


Words & Music by Whiteval

© All rights reserved (SUISA)

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