Désert (Live Acoustic)

(Texte en français plus bas)

I usually write my songs in English but occasionally one pops out in French, my native language. 

It seems that I am writing a bit more emotionally when I do so. Even though it’s a…

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Voices (Acoustic)

This acoustic version of my latest release “Voices” started with me having to do a question and answer interview for the West FM le Podcast podcast. I was supposed to sing an acoustic song so I came up with this…

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It all started with a cool kick sound and a heavy bass riff. Distortion, a bit of whammy pedal and here I was on the hunt for my next song. 

For generating the lyrics I used my preferred songwriting trick…

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"Love" live performance

Here I am performing one of my songs called, very simply, "Love".

Written about profound heartbreak, it is far away in spirit from my latest single She was an animal, a more upbeat rock song, but it is still…

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Frieda's story

So this post is not my usual post about music. It's about the past, ancestors and healing.

(Vous pouvez lire ce post en français également plus bas)

The woman on the picture is my great-grandmother. Her name was Frieda Haudenschild…

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She was an animal

The chorus of this song just came to me, music and lyrics fully formed. It had a light and upbeat feel, but at the beginning I had no idea what it was all about and had to figure out what…

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