Voices (Acoustic)

This acoustic version of my latest release “Voices” started with me having to do a question and answer interview for the West FM le Podcast podcast. I was supposed to sing an acoustic song so I came up with this interpretation of an initially very rock oriented piece of music. Even though it is a one take-one microphone type of situation, I thought it came out well and was worth releasing. 

Stripping down a song like this has the advantage of putting the lyric forward. Less elements in the music allows people to focus more on the meaning. I already spoke about what inspired me to write this song in my previous post Voices, but in short it is the story of an inner dialogue between our sometimes tyrannical mind and ourselves. I imagined it as the mind talking during the verses, and the self responding to that talk during the song’s chorus, wishing it would go away. Mental distress is painful. Mental torment is stressful. Mental anguish wants you down. Mental anxiety has to go. Read Eckhart Tolle.

As I said previously above, I just did one take, singing into a microphone while playing guitar. No fancy production setup. Therefore it has some raw emotion to it that you're always at risk to lose when you do multiple takes, and I like that the main track has a certain charm because of its spontaneity. I ended up adding a few backing vocals here and there, and additional lyrics during the bridge, and that’s it. 

It is a different vibe, carrying the same words, the same story. 

If you manage to listen to both versions, come back to me and tell me which one your prefer and why, that would be interesting.




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